Ariel Pulaski
First Appearance: I Am the Movie 1
Birthdate: August 12
Height: 5’5″
Favorite Movie: Funny Face & My Neighbor Totoro
Ariel is a spunky and energetic young lady, and aspiring film maker. She loves going on fun adventures with her friends, and cuddling with as many puppies as she can hold in her arms. She’s also a big fan of comic books and funfetti cupcakes.





Amarok ‘Rock’ Cantwell
First Appearance: I Am the Movie 1
Birthdate: May 21
Height: 6′
Favorite Movie: To Kill a Mockingbird
Rock is an Inuit man who was adopted by an American family when he was young. He frequently plays the straight-man to the groups antics, but can be pulled in to the craziness from time to time. He may favor girls with minimal squish, which might explain the few pounds Mimi picked up while dating him…





Mitsuko ‘Mimi’ Otonashi
First Appearance: I Am the Movie 7
Birthdate: May 4
Height: 5’7″
Favorite Movie: SLC Punk!
Mimi is a firey punk rocker of Japanese descent. At first glance, she seems to have a short temper and a bad attitude, but after getting to know her her sweet, mellow personality shines through. She is currently the lead singer of The Soundless, and she is currently dating Rock.





Simon Ridgemont
First Appearance: You’re Not Punk and I’m Telling Everyone! 10
Birthdate: September 26
Height: 6’2″
Favorite Movie: The Neverending Story
Simon is impulsive and excitable, leading to many of the shenanigans he and his friends constantly go through. No one knows what he currently does for a living, but he dreams of opening a restaurant someday. He currently plays drums in Mimi’s band, The Soundless.





Mona Gale
First Appearance: You’re Not Punk and I’m Telling Everyone! 25
Birthdate: December 21
Height: 5’8″
Favorite Movie: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Mona is a sensual, flirty young woman and aspiring musician. She’s a talented singer and can play many different instruments, but currently works as a hair dresser. Mona is a proud lesbian, as any woman could tell from her advances, but she loves, and is loyal to, her girlfriend Jenny.





Jenny McMillan
First Appearance: Career Opportunities 11
Birthdate: ??
Height: 5’7″
Favorite Movie: Sleepless in Seattle
Jenny is a warm, caring girl who always strives to help others and do what’s right. This is, in part, why she dreams of being a detective; to solve the problems of others. She is currently working as the vice president of Synergy Futures LLC, and dating Mona.





Dmitri Alexandrovich Nikolaevich Romanov
First Appearance: You’re Not Punk and I’m Telling Everyone! 18
Birthdate: ??
Height: 5’10”
Favorite Movie: The Godfather
Dmitri is one of the stranger citizens of Woodson. Not much is known about this Russian immigrant other than the fact that he holds many jobs to pay his ‘many alimony.’ He is currently taking care of Pickles the Friendly Possum.