Woodson is written by “Shibrando,” the creative team featuring Brendan Nicholas and Siobhan Covill. Woodson is about five twenty-somethings in the fictional town of Woodson, CT and the wacky adventures they have together.

On Woodson, we share the writing responsibilities, Brendan draws & letters the comic and Siobhan colors it. Additionally, Brendan can usually be found posting updates to our Shibrando ProductionsFacebook page, and Siobhan updates the twitter @Shibrando

After talking about making a comic together for more than 5 years, we stopped bullshitting when Brendan approached Siobhan with the idea for WOODSON. Woodson launched in October of 2012 and updates Monday,Wednesday & Friday. We’ll keep going as long as we have ideas and fun working on it. You can send comments, questions, fan art, etc. to Shibrando@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!