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SiobhanSo The Wicked + The Divine (which is already one of my favorite comics) is doing this thing with the latest arc where they have a new guest artist do each issue for the next six. The first of them, issue 12, was drawn by Kate Brown and it’s pretty great. I was worried at first that her art style would be too whimsical for a story that is getting more and more dramatic and suspenseful with every issue but she really pulled it off. Tula Lotay is the next guest artist and oh my god the neak peek at her art in the back of the book is just drool-worthy. It was a pretty hefty week for me so I won’t bore you with my full pull-list but I did snatch the “AGwengers” and Erica Henderson variants of Secret Wars #4 and the Kris Anka variant of A-Force #2 so that’s fun too.

BrendanThis week I finally got around to reading Dark Phoenix Saga. This was probably the first time I’ve read comics from this era, and I really didn’t expect it to hold up as well as it does. It. Was. Amazing. The X-Men are easily my favorite team of heroes now. Also I found it really surprising that Emma Frost, Kitty Pride, and Dazzler, three well known characters, all made their first appearances back to back. Really looking forward to reading more X-Men in the future.

I also want to mention chapter 44 of JoJolion. The newest JoJo finally has a name! …maybe. So many new mysteries… What’s up with the soccer weirdos? Does Karera have the worst Stand? When is the Part 4 anime? (not as relevant, but still very important)